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Simplified Employee Pension (SEP-IRA)

Set up a retirement plan that can pay you for all your hard work.

Your future finances depends on your actions today.

You're working countless hours managing and building your business, so it might seem inconceivable to consider your retirement. But we're thinking about it. With a First Bank and Trust SEP-IRA, you can start building your retirement savings while enjoying tax advantages your tax professional can explain in detail.


  • Corporations (Including S-Corps), sole proprietors, business owners and partnerships are eligible; all self-employment income qualifies as long as it was earned income 
  • Allows for larger contributions than a standard IRA; a business owner may shelter up to 25% of compensation each year
  • Contributions are tax-deductible (ANNUAL LIMITATIONS APPLY)
  • Earnings are tax-deferred until withdrawal

We work closely with business owners in Louisiana, Mississippi and Florida to help them create a retirement savings plan that can work for tomorrow without a lot of hassle today. Our team is available to help you craft your retirement strategy.