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Business Certificates of Deposit (CDs)

Grow your business savings with a fixed rate of return.

Plan for expenses or build your savings.

If you want steady returns at a solid rate, employ our Business CDs as a savings strategy. It's the ideal home for cash you can leave untouched between 30 days and 5 years, allowing you to maximize your savings.

  • Minimum $1,000 deposit to open a CD, unless otherwise stated
  • Short-term CDs from 1 to 12 months
  • Long-term CDs from 18 months to 5 years
  • Interest can be paid monthly, quarterly or annually1 
  • Penalty can apply for early withdrawal

First Bank and Trust helps business owners in Louisiana, Mississippi and Florida build up their savings to reach specific goals or prepare for unexpected expenses. Our CDs are a fine option when you want a higher rate than a regular savings account. Read our Business Fee Schedule for more details about CDs.


1 You may receive interest at maturity if the CD term is one year or less; for CDs with a term of 1 year or longer, the interest must be received at least annually.